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„WOMAN IN LOVE“ – Free Chapter of Mirjam Grupp’s Upcoming Book Available Now

Is an almost love story really the end of love – or rather the beginning of a true self-love story? In the frank self-help memoir, WOMAN IN LOVE, Mirjam Grupp explores how and why one-sided romantic relationships help us to develop real love stories with ourselves and our lives – if we let them.

„Until this story happened for me, I had never been aware that at the moment you fall in love with someone, something else happens at the very same time: You fall in love with yourself; with the warm, limitlessly, and loving person you can also be⏤with the person you truly are. I had also not realized that regardless of where the love story with the other person was heading, the part of „being in love with myself“ was one that I could actually keep and grow.“

Based on her own story, Mirjam reframes the role and function of „lovers we had almost been with“ in the greater perspective of our lives: rather than being the end of love, we can see them as a driving force to profoundly change our life.


Mirjam’s (almost) love story started in 2012. For her, it was a catalyst to change her life from within and without – and the beginning of growing a real love story with herself⏤despite or because of the heartache that followed falling in love with a stranger.

„I had always thought that miracles are monumental events. I had also believed that the famous moment-that-changes-your-life happens in a state of crystal clarity about what is going on. This story taught me that miracles can be seemingly small events—yet with huge effects. And that it may only become clear over time what the moment-that-changes-your-life had been all about.“

– From the book WOMAN IN LOVE

WOMAN IN LOVE is a book about the transformational power of almost love stories and the growth of self-love. Whether or not your romantic love story turns out to have a happy ending, you can always choose to fall and stay in love with yourself.

The book will be out in 2021. Read a sneak preview here:

Mirjam Grupp is a writer. She explores femininity today, and what it takes to open yourself up to romantic relationships and real (self) love. As Mira Roth, she writes crime series for TV. Her episodes are love stories in disguise.

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