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The return of the linen shirt

When in Mallorca this summer … Faros Linen shirts are tailored to the body but not slim fit. Fine linen’s natural cooling effect only works if the fabric is loose. To increase the natural cooling effect, some even wear a larger size when it gets really hot (+35°C / +95°F).

Faros Linen provides the Mediterranean lifestyle with ease. The signature shirt is ideal for all adventures, always elegant, and yet casual.

A unique add-on is Faros’ first sunglasses holder on a shirt. Open the top two buttons and slide your glasses into the hidden holder below the third button.

The founders from Berlin have dedicated themselves to the mission of bringing fine linen back into consciousness as a premium material from a niche exists for men’s clothing. On this mission, the premium fashion label provides insights into the traditional craftsmanship around the production of certified European linen. The flax from which the fiber is made grows in the Normandy in France, where the best flax is cultivated, combed and prepared for Faros Linen. Cultivation requires enormous knowledge and craftsmanship, passed down through generations in family businesses.

In the Bergamo region of Italy, the flax is spun to become yarn and weaved to become linen. Not only the fabric comes from Italy, but also the inspiration and the ambition to develop a masculine, timeless piece. Faros Linen avoids short-lived trends in cut, as well as everything that is unnecessary, such as a neck label that can scratch. Breast pockets are also absent, as they do not contribute to a function or style.

Linen has proven itself as the oldest textile fibre of mankind: Even the ancient Egyptians valued linen for its purity. This fine material was reserved for people of high social status and was even used as a currency. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the material was the most popular choice and used for beautiful draperies.

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