The Financial Times rated Mallorca as one of 10 safest places worldwide to invest in real estate. This makes the Island attractive for a high-calibre class of second-home owners. Others are frequent visitors to Mallorca’s 5- star hotels, enjoying the wide range of leisure pursuits on offer.

This is precisely the target group at which Deluxe Mallorca magazine is aimed. It is synonymous with luxury, elegance, celebrity and lifestyle. Deluxe can be found at all the top locations across Mallorca, including the renowned 5-star hotels, golf clubs, boutiques and gourmet restaurants. In addition, the magazine is on sale at 111 newsagents throughout the Island.

From March 2011, the magazine will also go on sale at German and Austrian airports and railway stations. And you will be able to order your copy of Deluxe Mallorca online via Deluxe Mallorca is THE magazine for reaching out to a high-calibre international readership.