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Giving back – a call-out to all entrepreneurs


Giving back needs to become a natural choice for entrepreneurs. Ethical practices and good deeds must be made a habit by every business owner. By Demee Koch.

Increased consumer awareness sheds a light on brands and their ethical practices. Today, consumers want confirmation that brands make sustainable decisions in the product development and production process, and they want to know that the money the brand makes will be invested to benefit society. 

We need entrepreneurs to really get involved, to truly care. 

Entrepreneurs should make it part of their business journey to decide for a cause they’re passionate about, and map out how their business aims to get involved with this charity project continuously. 

When you do something with good intentions, it comes back around. Giving back is a decision. It doesn’t have to be money, it can be sharing skills, expertise, resources. Social impact is not a marketing tool, it should be deeply implemented in the brand and products by the commitment to a symbiotic relationship.

All entrepreneurs should be encouraged to find a cause worth supporting. To create a legacy for their brands. When they get hands-on involved, and go on a social mission, this will lead to a true understanding of sustainability and the value of giving back. Consequently consumers should be aware that they hold the true (purchasing) power.

Let’s all get wired to spend every waking moment creating, connecting, giving back, mentoring, and learning. Inspiring and getting inspired is the most enjoyable way to live. Doing good and giving back will make us become the best version of ourselves.

Demee Koch is running a business in Switzerland. For over 15 years she has been an advisor in conscious entrepreneurship for global brands in the sports, fashion and beauty industry. 

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